Wholesale Distribuition

Wholesale Distribuition

DigitPro understands the critical factors that affect your business’ wholesale distribution efficiency, and manages to decisively improve all of them through a careful and highly effective process that combines tech expertise and state of the art Oracle’s software platforms. We focus on the areas that drive your business processes forward by connecting and enhancing them, while all of the encumbrances that stand between you and market success are eliminated.

Thanks to the experience and expertise of our specialist developers and consultants, our clients can focus all their time and resources on the development of a viable business plan, grapple arisen marketing opportunities and promote engaging campaigns. All this while the infrastructure works seamlessly on the background, always taking care of monitoring tasks and coordinating department activities.


Oracle’s JDE provides one place to accept and manage your entire sale orders no matter their complexity and special procurement requests. With our advanced platform you can quickly create order kits, set up and activate promotional pricing selectively and issue invoices on the fly.


Integrate your inventory systems with your sales management and get the most out of both. Automate your virtual inventory updating and streamline the ordering of depleted goods to always remain at service and never lose a potential order.


Using JD Edwards you can transfer order processing and ship an order directly. For the cases of back orders, you can still use the system and release the receipts when the order is finally ready.


With JDE’s transportation management features, companies can closely monitor their shipments in real time and get a reliable estimation of key data such as trip planning details, freight charges and order time of arrival. This opens up opportunities to locate room for improvement and also raises the quality of the provided customer services.


Coordinate with your warehouse personnel and communicate quicker and more effectively than ever before with the generation of printed pick slips. You staff will gather the selected merchandize from the inventory and prepare the package for shipping. You remain updated of the whole process and get a final confirmation when the order is shipped.

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