JDE Implementations

JDE Implementations

DigitPro experts and consultants can help your company make the leap of success by partnering with key Oracle’s implementation solution providers and delivering state of the art JD Edwards ERP systems, no matter how complex or demanding your business processes and needs may be.

DigitPro Consulting Inc – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Our 18-year experience in JDE implementation and fine-tuning for the best results guarantee the robustness and reliability of our systems.

Not only do we implement JDE in perfect alignment with your business processes, but we also vigorously test it in order to locate and iron out any problems with its functionality. We carefully study your business strategy and make sure that our implementation effort is oriented towards the helping of your business in the most effective way.

Our solutions are fully scalable, so that you can safely expand your business without any software-induced limitation.

JD Edwards offers a large application module collection that can cover any business special operation need. Having used almost all of the available key modules in previous projects, we know how to combine them to reach higher levels of usability, customer satisfaction, business process efficiency and enhancement of services.

After final benchmarking and optimizations are completed, DigitPro undertakes the task of training the users on JDE. All accompanying manuals and technical literature that can be helpful for future reference is made available with custom notation for each individual case.

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