The energy sector is the most rapidly growing industry, with demands rising steadily and quickly, while developments in the field reach unprecedented levels. Efficiency in the distribution of energy is equally important with the technical capacity to meet the increasing consumer demands. Oracle’s JD Edwards solutions can serve the special needs of the energy industry by offering an all-in-one, centric platform that connects and coordinates the various departments and activities.

DigitPro has the experience to implement tools that are essential for the unlimited growth in the energy sector. Take full control of the supply chain, monitor the efficiency of your field services and take advantage of business opportunities instantly. Our consultants won’t just show you the way; they will take you there step by step.

Oil and Gas

Oracle’s JD Edwards boasts features that are specialized around the needs of the oil and gas industry. With advanced oil field service solutions, faster driller and equipment provider search, asset lifecycle management and production operations monitoring, Oracle makes it possible to save money while accelerating your growth, giving you the chance to stand out among competition and practically gain the lead in the world’s most competitive market.

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