he travelling industry is a high competition field where every player struggles to balance low cost fares with high levels of safety and quality. This is exactly what raises the customer satisfaction and what differentiates a successful travel agency from a soon to be bankrupted. To keep your company profitable and growing, you will need to achieve maximum efficiency at all levels. This is the most important precondition for the best possible combination of low cost/high quality travelling and it can only be realized by using JDE.

The sectors that are beneficially affected by the use of Oracle JD Edwards concern a wide spectrum of the operational set of a travel agency and may include the personnel management HR module, expenses management module, real-time reporting, increased bargaining power with preferred suppliers (hotels, car rentals), sophisticated audit management and a set of powerful comprehensive administration tools.

Cruise Line Industry

DigitPro has extensive experience working with renowned members of the cruise industry. We
have implemented sophisticated crew management onboard systems using Oracle’s JDE and tailor made features that serve the unique requirements of this have helped with the implementation of customized solutions to address employee management related activities such as: hiring, transferring, assignment management, training and certifications, compensation, and most importantly performance monitoring and management for all the staff across the fleet.

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