JDE Migrations

JDE Migrations

We can help you migrate your data from JDE World to EnterpriseOne.  Migrating data from World to EnterpriseOne can be a challenge if the right steps and processes are not followed.  New EnterpriseOne Table structures may have been applied in the latest releases making the table structures somehow different that the original File structures in the World Software product. The mapping and table migration process have to be consider any of the changes.

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The potential table structure changes are due to the new functionality added to the functional modules in the latest versions of EnterpriseOne. Also, there are some formatting issues that need to be taken into consideration along with the extraction of data process from the I-Series to the EnterpriseOne Data Servers.

Our migration process consists of specific individual steps that are in accordance with Oracle’s guidelines and act as safeguarding latches. At first we assess the timeline for the migration procedure based on the currently used software and develop an implementation strategy. We then process your data and transform the files that need to be in a different format and then perform software-level testing. All steps and critical details are documented for future reference and reporting purposes. After the migration is successfully completed, we take on training the users on the new platform and providing valuable tips that concern the particular usability.

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