Data Conversions

Data Conversions

Converting data from your legacy system to EnterpriseOne isn’t as simple as it sounds and our experts know that. We work with top-notch conversion tools, consistent mapping and JDE development tools to ensure data quality and data integrity.

DigitPro Consulting Inc – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Regardless if the project involves a data conversion process from a non JDE legacy system or a data migration from World to EnterpriseOne, we will ensure the data is converted with top standards large_data_conversionidentifying in the process data redundancies, orphan data records, bad data, UDC synchronization, etc. When all the data integrity errors are found they can be corrected before the data is converted to the final stage in the EnterpriseOne system.

DigitPro can further enrich the value of existing data by adding data management indicators and establish improved data processing techniques. For big data conversions, we can create helpful structures that will increase the manageability and raise its usefulness.

Also, during the conversion process we will produce useful data integrity and data checking reports to business analysts and management so cleanup decisions can be made quickly before the data conversion is in its final stage or completed.

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