Public sector

Public sector

As governments press for greater “in-house” efficiency, funding drops and regulations become stricter, for the public sector to get more organized and efficient it imperative nowadays. Whether it is a citizen services agency, or a highly sophisticated governmental research center with labyrinthine structure, everyone can benefit significantly from the utilization of Oracle’s JDE. DigitPro can help you fill the paperwork needed to apply for public funding (cooperatives contract program).


Government organizations are in great need of ways to increase productivity when on a budget. Oracle JD Edwards allows public institutions and agencies to limit expenses by optimizing their financial spending, streamline reports, improve project management and enhance their services. Citizens can take advantage of self-service features to search for and get useful information, submit requests and communicate with public agents.


Implementing JD Edwards to educational institutes like schools and universities is invaluable for their economic self-efficiency and scheduling. Employees can use the online platform to submit relevant requests or update the management while students can access a dedicated communication channel from anywhere. The task of submitting reports becomes streamlined, relieving personnel and students from the corresponding tasks..

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