JDE HR/Payroll

JDE HR/Payroll


We understand the need to have a seamless payroll process that is efficient, error-free, and easily manageable. To make this achievable for you, we provide Oracle JD Edwards HCM Payroll services to companies from various industries. It comes with inclusive functions that can handle all payroll requirements from time entry to tax filing. It reduces the processing time through the automation of complicated and time-consuming functions.

Benefits of JD Edwards HCM Payroll

Scalability: Meets all requirements of payroll.

Confidentiality: Confidential data can be secured.

Flexibility: Enables you to pick any payroll process from weekly to annual runs.

Interim Process: Supports all processing for off-cycle payments and bonus checks.

Compliance: Easy compliance with reporting requirements, government taxation, general liability, etc.

Payroll Year-End Services

Payroll year-end is a complex and lengthy process that could take twice the amount of time without experts’ help. We are here to help you out with our experienced consultants throughout the procedure. Our consultants will help you get things done timely and accurately. The tasks we will perform are

  • Updates Installation
  • Payroll History verification
  • Rollover programs
  • Verification Setup
  • Special handling code tables
  • Third-party sick pay Printing of audit reports and forms
  • Electronic filing
  • Workfile

Human Resource Management:

JD Edwards HR management helps you manage all your HR tasks within one application. The entire lifecycle of an employee can be handled with this product. With our experts’ help, your company can manage HR tasks consistently and effortlessly, including employee development, workforce planning, and competency management. You can also manage and create benefit programs.

Benefits of JD Edwards HR Management:

Data Maintenance: You can maintain the data of your employees’ and applicants’ competencies and skills.

Tracking: Recruitment data can be tracked. Collaboration: Enables you to collaborate with accounting to get things done within the budget.

Simplification: Employee evaluation can be done through scheduled reviews of performance.

Assessment: Managers can assess the difference between actual and expected performance with a built-in competency gap analysis.

UX One Role: Benefits Manager: Employees-related tasks can be viewed in this role, such as employee enrollment data analysis, benefits adoption, and ACA (Affordable Care Act) process flow.

Eighteen years of working experience with companies from different industries have given us a comprehensive understanding of a specific industry’s needs. We will suggest to you the best-suited services for your company. Our clients are our most valuable assets, and their satisfaction with services is our top-most priority. We will help you understand the system and provide the most effortless ways to use it so you can manage it without external help.

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