JDE Upgrades

JDE Upgrades

DigitPro fully undertakes your system’s upgrades based on Oracle’s  specifications and guidelines. Having extensive experience with all previous versions of JDE, we know about possible implications and expected incompatibilities and how to overcome them quickly and effectively.

DigitPro Consulting Inc – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Upgrading is not only about getting the latest software features, but is also a great chance to revisit your business strategy and re-orientate your ERP solution. Our expert consultants can help you Upgradeevaluate the efficiency of your business processes and determine what parts can be further improved by changes in the ERP.

The process of upgrading the ERP infrastructure is a highly demanding operation that crawls business processes for its duration. Any delays may quickly lead to catastrophic crippling of your business profits and reliability. For this reason, the task of upgrading the ERP tools must be assigned to experienced professionals like those employed by DigitPro.

Our team of experts first plans the upgrade and sets the timeline, milestones and total cost. We then conduct meetings to foresee any possible issues that may arise and take preventive actions to ensure that the progress of the upgrade won’t be compromised in any way. After the upgrade is completed, we can fully undertake the training process of the users to maximize full utilization of the software new features.

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